A random selection of things digital that have caught my attention this month...


December 2015 - Jeff's book on moodle for a fiver! Quick, while sale lasts - Link to Packt site.


"Buy One, Get One Free" on all of #Packt’s 2000 eBooks! #Packt2k - http://bit.ly/1j26nPN.

imapmyrunApril 2012: Imapmyrun - great iphone app for mapping your jogging routes, keeping records of speeds, distances, elevations... 

packtMoodle March - Packt are offering 20% discount on all moodle books this month. Go to Moodle March.

foswikiMarch 2011: Just checked out FosWiki. At first glance it looks like a handy open source wiki tool. It gets lots of positive reviews on sourceforge. Seems to be good for preparing mashups and social interaction tools.    

albergaMarch 2011: Finished first website using Drupal 7. Admin navigation is much easier than in previous versions of Drupal. Quick and easy to set up. CSS very easy to edit.


clickMarch 2011: If you haven't seen this BBC programme yet, try it out! They have interesting coverage of the tech world and handy tips on websites and apps. I've just started using the free iphone app Toshl for tracking expenses. Works like a treat.

Nik's blogMarch 2011: One of my favourite blogs for teachers. Rich in links and ideas.