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I have a broad range of interests including educational technology, language training and assessment, communication skills, applied linguistics, and online learning. I'm also a keen violinist. My interest in educational technology has led to my setting up a dedicated server which allows me to help others set up their own sites. These services have grown over the years. If you're interested in help with domain names, hosting, setting up easy to manage sites for businesses or education or other organisations, read on!

Do you need hosting for your website? Prices begin at just £25 per year (including VAT) for webspace. See hosting page for details.

Content Management or Learner Manager Systems
Many people want websites they can control themselves. I can set up a content management system for you (drupal) which will give you full editorial control of your site. See Content Management Systems for examples or look at a selection of screengrabs from sites I've produced. This CMS makes it easy to incorporate google ads, amazon associates, revenue-attracting banners, forums and many other features. 

The learner management system called moodle is an excellent platform for developing learning communities. I have set up various moodle sites, written about it, given talks on it. See Moodle pages for more details. 

See Packt site to buy Moodle 1.9 for second language teaching


  Music I also play the violin freelance in the Bristol/Salisbury area and recently discovered that that makes me a 'portfolio worker'! As such I managed to get myself featured on pages 256/7 of a recent Lonely Planet book called The Career Break Book. Now you won't be surprised to see foreign languages and music featured in my websites!


For more information about me go to my google sites page or check out my linkedin profile below.

Jeff Stanford