Moodle and LMSs

moodleWhat is a Moodle?

Moodle is an open source Learning Management System used on tens of thousands of sites all over the world. See the official moodle site for a list. Moodle offers a vast range of features. You can set up an entire virtual school, or use it to enhance your regular face to face classes. The official Moodle site gives a good overview of the product, and Moodle Buzz gives some nice examples of Moodle in use.

moodle bookBook
In 2009 I wrote Moodle 1.9 for second language teaching. This is a recipe book for beginners and more advanced users who want to try out moodle's wide range of tools. Activities are based around language skills. There are copious screen images to help you set up activities step by step. See moodle for languages site for a list of book reviews.

In January 2008 I wrote an article for ETP which explains in some detail how language teachers can use Moodle. An article appearing in the IH Journal May 2008 looks at how CELTA teacher trainers can use moodle.  


Try moodle out yourself!
If you would like to try out moodle as a user or administrator, go to the demo site Examples of moodle sites I've set up include,, Pearson's Development Editing training course and

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I'm happy to help you set up your own moodle sites or courses.

LMS services

Learner Management Systems

Full set up and hosting
Full set-up, hosting, customisation is available. Prices start at £50 per year.

Rent an LMS course
If you're not sure how you want to use your LMS, you can rent your own course within an existing LMS site at a cost of just £25 per year.

I also give presentations on using moodle on request. Recent presentations included English Teaching Professional Conference in London, September 2007 and the Pearson Amazing Minds conference in Oxford, November 2007 and Krakow, December 2008.

Example of a how-to video: sending a message in moodle